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Cheeky Dog Entertainments offer a wide range of quality entertainment to suit all ages and occasions.

We are available for Birthday Parties, Schools, Pre-Schools, Fetes, Playschemes, Christmas Parties, Hotels, Restaurants and Company Functions. In fact any venue or event requiring the best in Children's and Family Entertainment.

Starting with our 45 minute to 1hour shows and leading up to our fantastic 2 hour complete packages there is something for everyone here. Have a read through and give us a call for a friendly chat to see how we can tailor the perfect entertainment programme for you.

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Birthday Parties - 45mins/1hr Show
THE ONE HOUR SHOW. Suitable for the 5-9 year olds which includes Comedy Magic , Balloon Modelling & Ventriloquism (Puppets). Cheeky Dog has lots of puppet friends and some of them always come to the party. A modern & colourful show which is great fun for all the children. Plenty of Audience Participation too!  (All shows include a special spot for the birthday child)
THE ONE HOUR MINI DISCO SHOW. For the 7-10 year olds. Available on its own. With Disco - music - Dancing - Lights - Original Games & Competitions - Birthday Spot.
THE 45 MINUTE SHOW. Especially for the 2-4 year olds. David has had many years experience working with the under 5s. He offers a varied and entertaining Puppet & Magic Show especially suitable for the little ones.
David and wands
Birthday & Family Parties - 2hr Show
THE TWO HOUR PARTY PACKAGE. Two 45 minute sessions (plus half hour lunch/tea break in the middle). Includes Puppets/Comedy Magic/Balloon Modeling/Special Birthday Spot/Original Games & Competitions/Audience Participation.
THE TWO HOUR FACE PAINTING & SHOW PACKAGE. Two hour's Face Painting with Jacquie plus one of the following options to include with the above;
A. For 3 - 4 yr olds. A 45 minute Puppet & Magic Show
B. For 5 - 9 yr olds. A one hour Puppet & Magic Show.
C. For 7 - 10 year olds. A one hour Mini Disco Show.

All the above options fit into a two hour party, including the lunch/tea break
THE TWO HOUR MINI DISCO PARTY PACKAGE. Two 45 minute sessions (plus half hour lunch/tea break in the middle). Includes Disco music/Dancing/Lights/Original Competitions & Games/Birthday Spot for Party Child. Can include some Magic & Puppets if requested. (Ideally suited to 7-10yr olds).
THE TWO HOUR FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT PACKAGE. Ideal for parties/events where adults are attending as well as a mixed age range of children, such as Christenings/Anniversary Parties etc. Includes a one hourPuppet & Magic Show suitable for children of all ages. Plus a one hour session of Strolling Close Up Magic especially for the Adults. Face Painting for the children can be added to the Package if you wish.
Suitable for the 5-9 year olds. The ONE HOUR Mini Disco includes some Flashing Lights, Pop Music, Games & Competitions. (Cheeky Dog usually makes an appearance too). The TWO HOUR Mini Disco Party also includes Puppets, Magic and a 30 minute lunch/tea break.
Cheeky Dog Entertainments offers their Disco & Entertainment Package aimed at the older, 8-10 year olds. A highly rated disco with lights, dance music plus Games & Competitions. A Junior Magical Cabaret can also be included if you wish! (Bookable for 2 hours including a 20/30 minute lunch/tea break).
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Schools & PTAs
We can offer a ONE HOUR SHOW or TWO HOUR SHOW (with interval) suitable for the 4-11 year olds. These shows feature Cheeky Dog and his friends (Ventriloquism), Magic, Balloon Modelling & Music. Lots of fun and Audience Participation. The Entertainment is geared for the larger audience. Own sound system provided.
DISCO & ENTERTAINMENT PACKAGE Why not book this for your next school Children's or Family Night! Great fun for all ages. Ideal for end of term parties or Christmas. Call us for details.
NURSERY & PRE-SCHOOLS. The 45 minute show ideal for the 2-4 year olds. Includes Puppets, Magic and Audience Participation. Ideal for end of term parties or Christmas... but please book early!
David and wands