David Tomkins is a member of The Inner Magic Circle (London) with Gold Star
As a master Ventriloquist and Magician, David can provide first class entertainment for family or all-adult audiences (Ideal for Anniversaries, Weddings, Birthdays, Family Parties, WI's etc.). David presents an entertaining performance of Magic and Ventriloquism which, whilst primarily suitable for adults, can also be enjoyed by any children who may also be there if it's a Family Party!
The magic is baffling, light-hearted, entertaining and great fun, especially when members of the audience are invited up to assist during the show! David, as a ventriloquist introduces you to his Grandad (an animated talking face drawn on a dry wipe board) who sings his "Grandpap Rap!" The show usually concludes with "Elvis", who "tops the bill" singing one of his famous hits. (After which he "Leaves the building!")
Package options:
Magic and Ventriloquism Entertainment usually lasts for 30 minutes, although this can be tailored to suit your requirements.
Strolling Close Up Magic. Bookable for a one hour or two hour session, depending on the number of guests attending your Event.
Combination Package/Includes both of the above.
Please contact us and we'll suggest a format to suit your Event. (Please note: This Entertainment is not bookable for a children-only audience. For Children's Entertainment, please select from our other packages found elsewhere on our website.)

David with Elvis
David Tomkins can perform amazing Close Up Magic for adults at special occasions such as Weddings, Anniversaries or Birthdays. This type of entertainment is also suitable for Hotels and Restaurants. Close Up Magic can even be performed at parties in your own home!
Many people have never seen magic performed 'right under their noses' before. It is a source of enormous fascination and fun. The magic involves the onlookers in a way that virtually no other form of entertainment can!
David works to various small groups of people. He walks from table to table, or if a sit down meal is not involved he can 'mix & mingle' with the guests. David's warm & friendly personality shines through when performing, which makes him a welcome addition to your event.
David has been a professional performer for more than 25 years. In 2001 he was awarded Member of The (Inner) Magic Circle with Gold Star (London). This award is only attainable by 'Call of the President' (of the Society) which is limited to 300 Members worldwide at any one time.
Close Up Magic requires no special staging, lighting or venue and can be performed at; Wedding Receptions * Restaurants * Hotels * Dinners (private & corporate) * Birthdays * Seminars * Business Meetings * Hospitality Suites * Cocktail Parties, etc.
We also offer Close Up Magic & Cabaret for Adults